We are a Hong Kong company based in Shenzhen, China. Established in 1985, we have vast experience in designing, developing, manufacturing and exporting all kinds of household items to countries all over the world, including Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, USA, Europe, South America, etc.

Over USD15 million worth of products are exported through our company every year, among which involve OEM, ODM, and products that we developed by ourselves from research and design, to molding, manufacturing and finally transporting. We have an extensive network with over 150 manufacturers and suppliers located in China, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Thailand and Japan, allowing us the flexibility to handle products with any price range and any speciality.

Our products include a large range of items – home appliances, kitchenware, massagers, aroma products, accessories, beauty items – and we have a well managed management and quality control system which allows us to provide our clients with products in the highest quality.